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Kelly Madden

Kelly started her journey into the world of yoga ten years ago as a means to heal from sports injuries. She also dealt with severe anxiety and emotional deprivation that yoga started to mend, and she was captivated by this practice. 


Kelly feels that yoga is a never ending journey and life lesson. As she became a teacher, she vowed to honor and bless the practice that she lives by: to never take anything for granted and do what is best for your mind and body. Kelly strives to lead from a place of authenticy. Being authentic to living her yoga, Kelly's classes are well balanced to create a deeper connection to the calm and quiet that we all seek so much. Her Power Flow classes are exhilarating and energetic, while her yin is deliciously soothing so that you can leave your "Outer-self" behind and meet your true "Inner-Self".


Kelly teaches Power Flow and Yin

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