Our mission is to create a nourishing and vibrant community of students and teachers empowering each other through kindness, acceptance, and the practice of yoga. 


Cultivating resilience and vigor, compassion and honesty, we unite with one common goal in mind: to sustain each individual on their journey to achieve their highest potential.


Scientifically, transformational power of yoga stems from exercising your nervous system. To foster healing and nurturing mind-body connection, we make sure all classes at Atha Yoga are rooted in mindfulness. Cultivating harmony of body, breath, and mind is our why. That is why, in addition to providing an excellent workout, our classes are a recipe for health, wellbeing, and wholeness in every area of life.



Being the most hygienic way to heat a space, our infrared panels heat objects rather than air, making your hot yoga experience much more enjoyable. Because we do not use conventional blowing dry heat, your skin, eyes (especially if you wear contacts), and respiratory system will feel comfortable, even at 105°F! 


In addition to being the most hygienic and comfortable, infrared heat is therapeutic. Research shows that infrared energy is:

  1. Detoxifying and promoting weight loss by speeding up metabolism and slimming down fat cells. 

  2. Anti-aging due to activating skin fibroblasts to produce elastin and collagen, stimulating cell renewal and regeneration.

  3. Anti-inflammatory, reducing aches and pains of muscles and fascia. 

  4. Protective against UV radiation due to activating defense mitochondrial mechanisms in the skin. 


PS: did we mention infrared was shown to kill viruses, including COVID-19? Follow our nerdy blog if you’d like more details on this!



Hot yoga has developed a cult following because it feels so good (especially after!) and delivers fantastic results. While physical yoga practice is a low impact exercise that promotes healthy joints and lean muscles, adding heat speeds up metabolism, ensures greater flexibility and cardiovascular benefits, and challenge unlike nothing else out there. Come try for yourself!



Our approach is ahimsa. While literal translation is “non-violence”, we like to translate this as “do no harm but take no crap.” Rooted in mindfulness, our classes are designed with beginner in mind. While encouraging a good “workout-y” challenge, mindful approach ensures you cultivate compassion and acceptance on your mat. Whether you’re seasoned athlete, injured warrior, or tight desk-dweller, yoga at Atha meets you exactly where you are, and allows to grow from there



Atha Yoga is a decade-long dream come true. Dr. Olga Dadalko, the owner, has practiced yoga for 12 years, and taught for 10 years. This brain scientist, boy mom, cat lover, and gardening enthusiast has fallen in love with hot yoga when this practice helped her restore thyroid function, tame anxiety, and let go of self-destructive addictions. Neuroscientist by training, Olga’s love for hot yoga merged with her fascination by the human brain. Years of studying how yoga practice changes our mere wiring torched the desire to open a space of her own to share the healing power of yoga. Standing on the shoulders of giants now, she is humbled and honored to bring her vision of the hot yoga studio to life.


Rooted in mindfulness, every class at Atha Yoga Studio is open to all levels: from beginner practitioner to advanced.

(+)HOT 26

Popularized by Bikram, this is beginner series of therapeutic Ghosh’s yoga program. Taught in precise order, the postures are fundamental and foster proper alignment while cultivating breath control. The temperature of 105°F will ensure you challenge yourself to the max!

Comfortingly consistent, the series comprises 26 body mending postures and 2 breathing exercises. This sequence is designed to systematically work the entire body from the outside in, revitalizing and optimizing the function of internal organs. While the series is challenging and requires discipline and commitment, it is a great foundational class to build strength, flexibility, endurance, mental fortitude, and breath awareness.


Just like the name suggests, Yin perfectly complements dynamic, strength-building, yang yoga formats. Through long-held floor poses Yin Yoga bypasses powerful musculature to focus on deep connective tissues and fascia. The room is pleasantly warm, and all levels are encouraged.

By increasing circulation around the joints, Yin Yoga improves joint flexibility and longevity, thereby fortifying hips, pelvis, back, neck, and shoulders for years to come. Meditation and breathing exercises are integrated into a Yin class, promoting better relaxation and stress relieve.


Power Vinyasa with an added twist: weighted dumbbells. Dynamic and ass-kicking, it’s still mindful and kind – like everything we do.


Atha Vinyasa flow is a combination of pranayama, meditation and postures taken from Hatha, Ashtanga yoga and from the art of kalari that revitalizes the body on all levels including the muscular, circulatory, skeletal structure, nervous system, and the basic energy system. The class begins with pranayama followed by the sun salutations, standing postures, seated, twists, backbends, and inversions, finally concludes with meditation. The class offers modifications for all levels.


This class focuses on breath-guided movement. Mindfully moving the body through shapes (yoga poses) challenges practitioner to remain present through breath cultivating healing mind-body connection. The pace is slow enough to allow full breaths unfold without rush, yet fast enough to challenge even a seasoned practitioner. Such pace enables teachers to offer level-appropriate modifications, thereby enabling any student to dive safely into the depth of their own practice, independently of their experience or fitness level.


While the pose is never a goal, physical fitness is essential for health. In this class we use vinyasa-based moves to tone and strengthen the entire body. This powerhouse of a class is rooted in slow, controlled, mindful movement to cultivate better body awareness and eventually move into some cool shapes you may have seen on Insta.


This class takes you from mindful movement into stillness – an invigorating flow followed by relaxing yin. In the first half of class, breath and movement lift your energy, connect you to your physical body, and bring focus to your mind.   Then, a yin sequence grounds you, drawing your energy and attention inward.    This balancing practice will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed with vitality to move through the rest of your day.