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Hilary Bifulco Kossack

Hilary began her yoga journey in 2001 after taking her first Bikram yoga class. The challenge and structure of the practice was monumental in the healing process of the loss of her mother. In 2003, she attended the nine week teacher training with Bikram and Rajhasree Choudhury in Los Angeles, Ca. The training, which was 500 hours, sealed her dedication to asana and pranayama. She has been sharing her love of yoga ever since.


In November 2006, Hilary was fortunate to experience her first continued education with Shiva Rea. The freedom and fluidity of movement within intelligent vinyasa krama was a whole fantastic new world. Hilary continued to seek out Shiva Rea’s workshops and eventually completed her vinyasa teacher training hours. Shortly after Hilary began to teach at Yoga Flex, a Universal inspired studio. Here, she had the opportunity to train with Andrey Lappa. At this time she was also mentored by Shari and her top teachers taking her sequencing to a whole new level.


More recently Hilary has reconnected with the Ghosh lineage with two outstanding teachers and yoga historians, Ida Jo and Scott Lamps. Hilary did a year mentorship with Ghosh yoga to cultivate a deeper home practice with more emphasis on pranayama and meditation. She continues to self study as often as her life allows. Hilary has also had the privilege of learning from David Swenson, Desiree Rambaugh, Greg Nardi and Kino MacGregor. Hilary has co-lead teacher training at Enlighten Yoga and loves to see her students grow, blossom and evolve in their personal yoga studies.


Hilary teaches Hot 26, Power Flow, and Atha Vinyasa

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