ML Stewart

ML began her yoga journey following knee surgery to reconstruct a torn ACL. Like many, her initial focus was on the physical benefits of the practice. However, she found herself returning to the mat for the healing mental, spiritual and emotional benefits which provided peace amid a busy family life and career. With the encouragement of her family, she left the corporate world to pursue her passion for yoga and fulfill her desire to share this healing practice with others. 


While studying to obtain her yoga certification, she was introduced to Ashtanga and she was immediately hooked. This practice opened up the path to an even deeper exploration of the eight limbs of yoga. A consistent daily practice of primary series (every pose, 6 days a week!) enabled her to identify and heal the physical trauma and imbalance that had plagued her for 15 years following her knee surgery. 


ML’s passion as a teacher is making the practice feel accessible to all students while also empowering them to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles. Having discovered yoga as an adult, she felt compelled to pursue her children’s yoga certification to help introduce the tools of mindfulness to kids to help them navigate life with greater ease. She has taught children’s yoga throughout Charlotte and is proud to be a founding board member of Twist Kids Foundation, a non-profit aimed at expanding access to yoga to all children throughout Charlotte!


ML teaches Ashtanga