Lauren Shaw

Lauren began her yoga journey in San Diego, CA in 2016. A significant career transition urged her to seek community while investing in her physical and spiritual health. Yoga teacher training presented an opportunity to cultivate new connections and pursue a lifelong passion of health and wellness. She found the art of teaching students in a dynamic environment to be invigorating!


During this enlightening period, two powerful notions became apparent: fitness can be fun and a balanced approach to wellness can affect lasting change. Yoga opened up a world of vibrant movement that Lauren is eager to share. It is here (on your mat) where long term, holistic health, is the product of both effort and ease - sthira-sukham asanam.


Lauren’s teaching method is accentuated by playfulness, rigor, and inclusivity; a style cultivated through teaching diverse populations and fervent involvement in yoga teacher trainings. Expect to laugh, sweat, and be fully supported in your practice while taking her class!


Lauren is a water lover, dog lover, boy mom of one, and currently working on her Personal Training Certification.

Lauren teaches Sculpt, Yoga Strong, and Power Flow