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Lakshmi Kumar

Lakshmi’s yoga journey began at a very early age in Mysore, India. Being a native to the city of Mysore, she got an opportunity to learn from great teachers and started studying hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation techniques and chanting. In 2010, she started practicing Ashtanga yoga under Sharath Jois in Mysore. She has been a dedicated student of Ashtanga yoga ever since and continues to practice for 6 days in a week and is currently working on the Advanced A series. Along with yoga, Lakshmi is also learning an ancient form of marshal arts that originates from South India called “Kalaripayuttu”, which is very similar in discipline to that of yoga and yogic lifestyle.

Being a teacher for the past 7 years around Charlotte area, she takes personalized approach in teaching based on each student’s experience level and modifies per their individual requirements. She takes the approach of helping students learn by breaking down the poses to help them modify per their level, so they are easily accessible for everyone from basic to advanced practitioners. All her classes are carefully crafted to provide a well-rounded practice to include pranayama (breathing technique), and meditation, along with asanas (postures). 


Lakshmi teaches Atha Vinyasa and Ashtanga

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