(+) What are your COVID policies?

The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Infrared heat, top-of-the-art air exchange system, social distancing, and deep cleaning are some of the things we do to keep everyone safe while at the studio. Because COVID situation is constantly in flux, please reach out (phone, email, or messenger in the bottom right corner of this page) for our most up-to-date protocols.   

(+) Do I need to pre-register?

At this time pre-registration is required. To keep our community safe, we maintain social distancing. Currently, classes have to be capped, therefore space is limited. Please register as much in advance as your schedule allows you. Remember to cancel timely so people on the wait list are notified in time for them to get to the studio. 

(+) I've never done yoga before. Which class is best to start with?

At Atha we are big on mindfulness, so every class is suitable for all levels. Whether you are first timer or seasoned practitioner, our classes will meet you exactly where you are and allow to grow from there. We have very diverse class formats, so try them all - see which one strikes your fancy!

(+) When should I arrive for class?

We open 30 minutes before a class starts. If you're new, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to meet us, go over your goals, and look around.

(+) What should I bring? 

You will be sweating a lot! Please bring a yoga mat, beach (or any large) towel to cover your mat, and a water bottle. For your convenience, we also have these available for rent or purchase. You'll probably need a change of clothes, and a towel if you'd like to shower after class. 

(+) How should I prepare before class? 

Come hydrated. We recommend to wait couple of hours after a big meal - yoga (especially hot) on a full belly may be uncomfortable. Fun fact: full belly slows down water absorption from 5 minutes to 2 hours - the latter is less ideal for your hot yoga experience!

(+) What should I wear? 

Comfortable athletic clothes.

(+) I'm not flexible...

That's exactly why you need to be here! Consistent yoga practice improves flexibility, while doing yoga in the hot room promotes flexibility safely and efficiently.

(+) What if I have a medical condition or nursing an injury?

Ask your doctor if you need to be cautious about heated environment. Make sure to arrive early and let your teacher know. With our trained staff, you're in good hands: we will help you with modifications that allow a safe and healing practice. 

(+) How often should I come? 

For the best results, come every day. Or twice a day to polish off your powerful dynamic Yoga Strong with a Meditation or relaxing Yin. We specifically created so many class formats for you to maintain a balanced yoga schedule: to give both your body and your mind opportunity to recharge.