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Flow It Like You Know It

This course is designed to expand your knowledge of yoga taking your practice to a whole new level. We will sample the multitude of yoga formats: ashtanga based Power, breath rooted Vinyasa, sensation targeting Yin, meditative Restorative. We will dive deep into systems of asana and study how to approach their sequencing. We will explore the subtle body (energy system linked by the chakras) and investigate how this subtle energy guides our physical and mental health through nerves and hormones. We will discuss how we can heal by harnessing the power of subtle body energy by intelligently designing our yoga practice. 

This course is half of what you need to obtain your 200-hour YA RYT certification. If you're a RYT, it will give you 100 hours of YA continued education. If your RYT training was based on a sole style of yoga (i.e., power or vinyasa), you will appreciate the diversity and depth of our program. Our curriculum is designed to teach not just the diversity of yoga formats, but also how yoga can be effectively combined with other wellness modalities. This knowledge will enable you to carve out your own unique niche in the abundant world. 


Winter 2023

February 20 - April 30

Mon & Wed 11:30a - 2p (8 weeks) 

[April 2 - April 15: self-study weeks]

$ 1,849 


Atha Core Curriculum

Flow It Like You Know It

  • 100 hour course

    • Yoga Alliance Ctd Edu approved

  • Breath guided mindful movement:

    • the multitude of yoga poses: systematizing, analyzing, sequencing

    • alignment and safety

    • theming a class or series 

  • Yoga philosophy meets Western science:

    • Subtle body and chakras as the energy system guiding human physical and mental health

  • Finding your unique teacher's niche​​

    • Different formats of flow yoga​​

    • Combining yoga with other wellness techniques

  • Unlimited classes at Atha during the course

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