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Core Course I

This course is designed to deepen your knowledge of both physical asana practice and yoga philosophy. We based our course on Ghosh lineage because it is a fundamental tradition that gave rise to many forms of yoga practiced today. Its physicality is rooted in therapeutic poses leading to physical health, strength and flexibility, and stress reduction. Its philosophy is based on the core principle of Yoga: to still and heal the mind. 


Whether you decide to teach yoga professionally or not, this course will have make you a Leader and a Teacher.  


Winter 2023

January 9 - March 19

Tues & Thur 6 - 8 PM; Sun 11a - 2p 

$ 3,299 

SAVE $300:

sign up BEFORE December 15

Core Course I

Eight Limbs through Ghosh Lens

  • 200 hour course

    • Yoga Alliance 200 RYT certification 

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Asana

    • as shows in personal practice

    • as seen in yoga students

    • posture clinic & specific asana benefits

    • personalized alignment in self & others

    • effective verbal cueing

    • art of hands-on assists

  • Neuroscience of Yoga

    • neuromuscular communication of brain-body integration

    • trauma / rehab yoga: how yoga works to release old psychological scars and physical injuries 

    • personality traits: integrating yoga and modern psychology for effective self-study and mental  

  • Energetic anatomy: the science of chakras

    • samskaras (traumas) and habits​

    • emotions and reactions - yoga practices that helps one ground and grow

    • integrating moderns psychology / science and ancient yoga philosophy

  • Yoga philosophy

    • Eight Limbs Path

    • Yoga Sutras

    • Bhagavad Gita (Dharma talks)

  • Three community classes to lead at the studio: practice teaching with leads' assessment and review 

  • Unlimited classes at Atha for Course duration

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