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Atha Core curriculum is designed to cultivate thorough understanding of the yoga tools that heal the body and the mind. Through lectures, practice, and hands-on experience and discussion we teach you how to use these tools for yourself and how to teach it to others if you choose to become a yoga teacher. 


With one foot firmly rooted in Western biomedical science and the other - in Eastern holistic practices, Olga designed Atha comprehensive program to foster well-rounded, evidence-based yoga education. This means that everything that you are learning about this time-tested healing systems will be analyzed through the lens of modern research. We hone down fundamental teaching skills, integrate critical understanding of alignment, and build solid foundation in yoga philosophy.


Atha Core Curriculum

Flow It Like You Know It

This course is designed to expand your knowledge of yoga taking your practice to a whole new level. We will sample the multitude of yoga formats: ashtanga based Power, breath rooted Vinyasa, sensation targeting Yin, meditative Restorative. We will dive deep into systems of asana and study how to approach their sequencing. We will explore the subtle body (energy system linked by the chakras) and investigate how this subtle energy guides our physical and mental health through nerves and hormones. We will discuss how we can heal by harnessing the power of subtle body energy by intelligently designing our yoga practice. 


We will explore various yoga formats and styles of teaching, so that if you decide to share your love for yoga and the therapeutic benefits of the yoga system with others, you will have gained enough tools in your belt to carve your own unique niche in the abundant world. You will be given time to practice and refine your teaching with the support and feedback from your peers and leads.  


Elective Course

The Art of Assists

Hands-on assists are ones of the most powerful connections we can make in a yoga room. In this 10-hour course, we will explore the intention behind assists. We will study application of supportive, directive, and deepening assists in many of the popular yoga postures. We will understand that assists are a great way to heal each other and grow the yoga community. This is a fun and fully interactive workshop, please be prepared for practice!


All Levels of experience welcome. For teachers, provides continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance. For aspiring teachers, fulfills 10 hours towards 200-Hour Certification. 


Atha Core Curriculum

Eight Limbs through Ghosh Lens

Whether you decide to teach yoga professionally or not, this course will have make you a Leader and a Teacher.  This course will focus on personal growth and transformation, on finding your authentic voice (not limited to 'yoga teacher's voice').

This course provides an accessible approach to explore in depth the principles of alignment, study therapeutic benefits of asana, and gain better understanding of yoga philosophy. 

Fundamental poses of Ghosh lineage present excellent opportunity to hone down both alignment and benefits of asana from all yoga formats (yes, including vinyasa or flow yoga). Practical, hands on experience during posture clinics will not only deepen yogi's personal practice, but create a solid foundation for teaching.

We will explore physical practice from the standpoint of Patanjali's Eight Limb structure, fostering deep understanding of yoga as a philosophical system healing both the body and the mind. 

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